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MyOrnament by Sermin

MyOrnament by Sermin Ivory Mini Phra Pidta with Two Strand Pearl Choker


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ATTRACT WEALTH with this mini Phra Pidta amulet.

One piece necklace made of a dainty Phra Pidta Lariat with Pearl rosary and a two strand Pearl choker.
The lariat is 11.75" (30cm) long and has a Zircon diamond connector.
Choker will fit up to 12.5" (31.75cm)

The pendant is 2.1x1.4cm

The pendant is made of terra cotta and is preserved in a clear casing with golden rim. On the front face of the pendant there is a sitting figure closing his eyes with his hands, on the back there is a prayer of prosperity. It is handmade in Nepal.

•The Legend of Phra Pidta (Buddha Closed Eyes) Amulet:
The Pidta style amulet, with a monk sitting in full or half-lotus position and with his hands covering his eyes and face, is a style that has become very popular among Thai Buddhists, but other Buddhists across the world as well.

Phra Pidta, meaning closes or covers its eyes in Thai, also known as “closed eyes Buddha”. There are few types of Phra Pidta in Thai, with four arms, six arms or fully covered with mantras.

It is one of the favorite kind of Buddha amulets of Thai citizens. Phra Pidta is a representation of a venerable monk well known for deep samadhi meditation (absorption) during Gotham Buddha’s time more than 2,550 years ago.

•Why Is Phra Pidta Holding His Hands Over His Eyes in Amulets?
Hands over the eyes symbolizes a “blocking out” of the outside world during intense Sammabart meditation.

Business prosperity is a major benefit of this amulet. Yet, there are said to be many benefits of this amulet including good luck and protection from harm of all sorts.

Product Details-
  • Composition: Glass, Terra Cotta, Fresh Water Pearl, Gold Plated
  • Made in Canada