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Nayla Jewelry Fashion 11:11 Medalion Chain Choker Necklace “Naomi”


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" Naomi "
Spectacular 11:11 Medalion CZ Diamonds Chain
Choker is the perfect match with other Necklaces
and Pendants .

-Made from 925 Sterling Silver
-14 K Gold Plated
-Choker Chain Length: 14" + 2.5" Extended
-Medalion 11:11 size : 0.92 " ( 23 mm)

You see the angel number 11:11 regularly
and ask yourself what it can mean it for you
and your life? The number one is a powerful
number that always been fascinating and
associated with positive things; increase it by
four and you can expect only amazing things
to happen to you.The angelic number 11 :11
is about new beginnings and changes. If you
feel that your life is going nowhere,consider
these angelic numbers as a wake-up call to
take action.If you constantly see the number
11:11 , you can expect small miracles and
happy coincidences, to happen more
often in your life. Usually, these numbers
appear when you are about to
experiences a spiritual awakening or rebirth of
some kind.You are getting connected to the
angelic energy.

Handmade with Magic ♥

Product Details-
  • Composition: Sterling Silver 925
  • Made in USA