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Nectar Nectar New York

Nectar Nectar New York Spiral Dokra Stud Earrings


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With a gold sphere finitely detailed with spiral formation similar to a whirlpool, these simple earrings make a bold impression. They are a statement piece that can easily be paired with any outfit. The cultural riches of Havana and the Viñales Valley - from Art Deco architecture to colorful vintage cars, from the rhythm of Afro-Cuban bands to the sounds of the streets – have been immersed in the colors and textures of this collection. Each design is an experience of sight, sound and movement. Vanguardia proudly showcases 'Dhokra' metal casting technique, which finds its roots in tribal metalsmiths of Eastern India.
Spiral Dokra Stud Earrings
H- 5.5 cm x W- 3 cm

Product Details-
  • Composition: 18K Gold Plated
  • Made in India