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NEXT DOOR GODDESS White, Blue and Gold Asteria Necklace


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Asteria is a gorgeous Lariat necklace, beaded and crocheted by hand, that will make a colorful pop on any outfit.
Elongated in form, this will make you instantly look stylish, taller and slimmer as it attracts the gaze on your body.
This is the best necklace to wear in your next resort and beyond.
Own the pool and a piece of Greece with a style inspired by the best Mykonos moments ever.
Size: 34'' necklace plus 3.4/8'' drop (please allow small variations due to the handmade nature of this product).
Please note: Adult use only, keep out of the reach of children. Follow usual fashion jewelry care (avoid sweat, water, sprays, lotions, harsh chemicals, prolongued exposure to direct sunlight).

Product Details-
  • Composition: thread, plastic, crystal, mother of pearl, lava, hematite, gold plated and gold tone hardware, ceramic beads, howlite beads, cord
  • Made in USA