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Nuez Acres

Nuez Acres – Skin Serum


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Skin Firming Serum

Deep hydration is the key to a bright, healthy complexion. Turn your skincare routine into a relaxing, spa treatment with the Nuez Acres Skin Serum. This formula blends pure pecan oil with jojoba oil to bring your skin back into balance. Transform uneven skin tone, smooth fine lines, and discover lasting relief from dryness or seasonal dehydration.

Our pecans are organically grown, picked by hand, and expeller-pressed to safeguard the nutrients inside. Pecan oil is naturally high in vitamin E, and it’s an effective moisturizer for skin. Shield your natural beauty and heal existing damage with added vitamin E and pure frankincense oil.

Made with:

-Hydrating pecan oil
-Conditioning jojoba oil
-Protective vitamin E
-Astringent frankincense oil

Health Canada Cosmetic #03418901

(1 - 2 Year Shelf Life if Sealed and Stored Properly / 6-8 months once opened)

**Remember, even if you aren’t eating it, you need to make sure that you aren’t allergic. Especially if you haven’t eaten pecans or pecan oil before, spot test before putting it on your skin. If you have a tree nut allergy, it is safe to assume that you are probably allergic to pecan oil.

Product Details-
  • Made in canada