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Peach Plié

Peach Plié Gold Portable Waterless Diffuser


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Aromatherapy: can use your own essential oils
1 bottle of complimentary Peach Plié diffuser oil market value $28
1 bottle diffuser oil lasts 3 months approximately if driving 1-2 hours daily with medium setting at 60s
Waterless: cold diffusion technology, converting essential oil into micro fine vapor approximately 1-3 microns without heat or water.
Coverage: 600 square feet.
Portable: built-in 2200 mah lithium battery, rechargeable and portable.
Can be used in car, home, office, outdoor.
3 Working Modes: for every 180s intervals, three emission length settings 165s, 60s, 15s.
Auto Shut-off Function: It works intermittently and will automatically shut off after 1/2/3 hours.
60 Hours: every 3 hour charge will last 30 - 50 hours depend on the intensity setting
Whisper quiet
Sustainability: we used recycled aluminum

Product Details-
  • Made in L.A.