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Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves

Pineapples Don’t Have Sleeves Black Hearts Flare Pants



Is the world ready to see you conquer it? Of course, but first, wear the right pair of pants. Meetings and date nights will never be the same when they see you come inside with these dreamy pants, not only will they make your legs look...take a moment...amazing but it will be the way to start a conversation like “Hey, you’re a fashion icon”.

Remember what your life has been so far, because we’re about to change it forever. Not only does it have the cutest print you have ever seen, but it’s made of silk, it has a bell bottom silhouette, and last but not least, pockets for Girl Bosses. Honestly after you go for the Pineapples pants, you’re not going back…ever.

Sweetie, we talked about this before, we need to save the planet and take care of our clothes. So, let’s remember the steps. When it comes to washing them, only with cold water and preferably by hand. For drying, forget about the dryer and let it air dry. And finally, for ironing, don’t let the iron touch the fabric directly.

Product Details-
  • Product Care: Hand Wash
  • Composition: 50% Recycled Polyester - 50% Polyester
  • Made in Colombia