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Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves

Pineapples Don’t Have Sleeves Multi-color Women’s Faces Skirt



Your one and only source into the fabulous fashion of Pineapples! What are we gonna talk about? Your new favorite skirt! We got inspired by our friends, our leaders and all the strong women in our lives that truly represent what Medellín is, and we decided to create a print to show their differences and unique personalities.

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do, be ready to fall madly in love for our skirt...and if you don’t, we’re about to show you what it means. Start your days with our pleated high waisted skirt with zipper on the back, so soft that you’ll feel like if you were wearing a cloud.

If Lady Whistledown was writing this text, we’re sure she’ll tell you that taking care of your clothes is the new “thing” everybody is doing. As you can imagine, a pleated skirt is delicate so you can only wash it by hand and hang it to dry. And most important of all, you can’t iron it, don’t you even dare to think about it.

Product Details-
  • Composition: 50% Recycled Polyester - 50% Polyester
  • Made in Colombia