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Seed Legend

Seed Legend Restoration Foaming Shampoo – Scalp Detox Formula | 15.2 FL. OZ. (450ML)


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Detoxify Scalp and Encourage Hair Growth

SEED LEGEND Restoration Foaming Shampoo is a re-vitalizing shampoo containing precious, natural, active interface saponin which is derived from nature's miracle - the soapberry! This all natural, biotech product which, with continuous use, can help clean the pores of the scalp; removing years of build up left by chemical based hair products. Once the pores are cleaned; nutrient-rich saponin provides nourishment which leaves you with naturally healthier hair and scalp. You may experience an initial drying effect which can be part of the cleansing process, but this will normalize with regular use. Since we’ve added NO fragrance, all you’ll smell are the natural ingredients - a fruit-like scent with a hint of vinegar-like smell.

Only SIX Powerful Ingredients - Less Is More!

Refined coconut oil, purified water, saponins, salt, betaine and lemongrass oil.

How to Use:

Thoroughly rinse the hair and then apply an appropriate amount of shampoo. Gently massage the product throughout the scalp and hair and then rinse with clean water. For maximum effectiveness, leave shampoo in scalp for several minutes before rinsing. Use conditioner or other hair products to reduce tangling if needed.

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