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Soulfire Jewelry by Shanon Sheppard

Soulfire Jewelry Cranberry Sardonyx with 14k Gold Filled Chain


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Cranberry Sardonyx encourages us to to actively create a meaningful existence, one that brings us emotional, mental, and spiritual satisfaction. It gives us the strength and determination needed to achieve our goals.

It can also be used to attract new friends and wonderful partnerships. Cranberry Sardonyx helps us to stay grounded, confident, and hopeful. It also stimulates our heart and high heart chakra.

- 6mm Faceted Gemstones
- 14k Gold Filled Cuban Chain
- 7.5' Length
- Set of (2) Bracelets held together with 14k Gold Filled Huggie Clasp

Product Details-
  • Composition: Moss Agate Gemstones, 14k Gold Filled Cuban Chain
  • Made in Canada

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