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Souvie Fennel Organic Essential Oil – 10ml


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Tranquility and self-confidence: these are some of the expected effects of using Souvie's Fennel essential oil.

A naturally pleasant fragrance that is already part of our daily lives. The difference is that, with the essential oil, your entire organism enjoys the benefits of this pure and powerful ingredient.

Fennel essential oil plays an important role in aromatherapy. Its use is associated with functions such as: revitalizing and energizing action, stimulation of the digestive system, it is indicated in cases of anemia, it has a regulatory function for the female reproductive system and much more, very much indeed.

But attention: aromatherapy must be conducted by a specialized professional, okay? Caution is needed when using essential oils.

And to complete: this is an organic product that comes straight from our own farm. I mean, we've been in touch with him since he was a fennel seed! From planting, cultivation and distillation: all processes for obtaining the product follow IBD's organic criteria and parameters. This results in a better-quality essential oil when compared to non-organic ones.

Product Details-
  • Made in Brazil