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Souvie Rosemary Organic Essential Oil – 10ml


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Invigorating and energizing effect, which provides action, movement and change.

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, straight from our own farm! That's right. We have known this product since it was a seed, which was planted at Fazenda São Benedito in Brazil, with all possible responsibility and care, within the IBD organic cultivation standard. This results in a higher quality essential oil, as we do not use agrochemicals, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients.

Regarding the use of Rosemary Essential Oil in aromatherapy, it is associated with care for the respiratory system, relief from exhaustion, fatigue and mental fatigue, in addition to being considered a liver, gallbladder and nervous system tonic. And this list is just a taste of everything he is capable of.

Remembering that aromatherapy should be conducted under professional indication. After all, even though it's a natural treatment, you have to be careful, attentive and responsible, okay?

Product Details-
  • Made in Brazil