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VD Italy Rainbow Tennis Bracelet – Rhodium Plated


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Love is a riot of colors: in this playful bracelet you will find a multitude of different colors, specially selected to represent and welcome the beauty of diversity that illuminates the world.

We have studied this combination of colors to reflect the emotions we live every day, which are equally valid and important for our well-being:
- red is for passion
- orange for the enthusiasm
- yellow for optimism
- pink represents romance
- lucky green
- purple by magic and unexplainable
- blue for the serenity
- blue for the spirituality

Wear this wonderful bracelet to bring with you every day all these different but important feelings, or give it to your special person.

This collection was created to raise awareness on the theme "love is love": just as it is perfectly normal to go through different emotions during one’s life, We firmly believe that it should be just as normal to be able to fully love our better half, without discrimination of any kind.

Size: 16 cm + 3 cm long
Plating: Rhodium
Made with crystals of the highest quality
Designed and handmade in Italy

Product Details-
  • Composition: Rhodium Plated Brass, the world's highest quality crystals
  • Made in Italy