Asta Fashions Bela Detachable Hood 99.9% silver raw material,5G protection EMF shield

Asta Fashions Bela Detachable Hood 99.9% silver raw material,5G protec


One Size

Handmade detachable hood with a lace design feature on the fabric by Asta Jakubson, this design is not only stylish & versatile but its also keeps your head safe from EMF. The silver fabric used is a powerful conducting material that can be used for shielding against electromagnetic field (EMF), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency (RF) signals. Its composition effectively blocks Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell signals, GPS and RFID. The dangers of electromagnetic radiation, or EMF's is a problem in our modern times.You may or may not be familar with EMF's but here are some of the damaging effects it can have on your body when exposed to it. Insomnia, Anxiety & Depression, Headache, Hormone Inbalance, Higher Risk of Cancer, Damaging for the DNA of your unborn baby, Tingling in arms & hands while using electronic devices, such as mobile phones & computers etc. FABRIC IS MADE FROM 99.9% Silver threading fabric which is known for the following. Anti Bacterial - protects you by blocking the spread of harmful bacteria as it contains silver ions. Anti Static - acts as a shield against the transmission of harmful electromagnetic rays that cause tingling in the body or make you feel an electric shock sensation. Protective Shielding - acts as a protective barrier against harmful EMF pollution. Regulates Temperature - protects you from skin irritations & bacterial transmitted diseases.