mVua - Cream of the Tropics Pre-Cleanse Rhassoul Clay Protein Mask - 8 oz.

mVua - Cream of the Tropics Pre-Cleanse Rhassoul Clay Protein Mask - 8


Protein Treatment. To be used 1-2 times PER MONTH only. Should remain on hair for 20-30 minutes per treatment...MAXIMUM. Suggested use of twice a month. Provides detoxing, moisture qualities and strength, all in one. Ingredients: organic aloe vera juice (aloe barbadensis), rosewater (rosa damascena) vegetable glycerin, organic full fat coconut milk, east african shea butter (nilotica), kokum butter (garcinia indica), jamaican black castor oil (ricinus communis), behentrimonium methosulfate (non-sulfate emulsifier, derived from rapeseed oil), cetearyl alcohol (emulsifier), fragrance oil, rhassoul clay, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen, marshmallow root, slippery elm, niacinamide, biotin, rosemary oil (rosmarinus officinalis), hydrolyzed silk, horsetail extract, orchid extract, guarsilk, natural vitamin e (tocopherol), germall plus Directions: Apply product to damp hair. Amount of product needed depends on the length/density of your hair, start with a small amount, as product is very rich. Work mask through hair, while gently detangling strands. This is a PRE-CLEANSE treatment for your strands, not intended to be applied directly to the scalp. For maximum results, cover hair with plastic cap and allow to sit for a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes. Treatment should not remain in hair any longer. Rinse thoroughly. Best followed by mVua's Cream of the Tropics Hair Cleanser and Stimulating Hair Conditioner.