One Size
Become a goddess of wilderness with our Powercharm necklace.

Each charm has it’s own purpose:
OM – considered as a word “of God” while representing a Circle of Life
Pure Love & Heart – represents purity, love and passion
Piece of Blue Sky – makes you feel good and smile
Moon – represents all primal feminine power like intuition, emotion, sexuality, creation etc.
Eye of Protection – keeps you safe by reflecting a malevolent gaze of those who wish harm.
Raindrop – relates to indispensable energy and endless inspiration
Blossom – symbolizes new beginning, sustainability and life
Monstera leaf – is a symbol of a long life
Butterfly – represents spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life.

Hand-made ceramic pendants
17,5 mm Swarovski raindrop pendant
Laser-cut 24K gold-over 925 sterling silver pendants
Precious 24K gold lustre
24K gold-over 925 sterling silver chain, details and tag

Handmade in Lithuania